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Võiardi Village

Võiardi Village is located in Põlva County, in Räpina Rural Municipality. Võiardi Village covers an area of 7.92 km2 (2.98 % of the total area of Räpina Rural Municipality). According to the rural municipality register there are 26 people living in Võiardi Village (as of 1 August 2012). Fourteen households are in use all year round (as of 2006).


Viroste Lake is located in Võiardi Village. Viroste Lake is one of the many lakes in Põlva County which are remarkable, even amongst the lakes of Europe, for their very brown water colour. The very pretty, generally oblong (north to south) Viroste Lake is located 2 km south-west of Ruusa, in the Viroste valley, it is around 9-10 meters in depth and approximately 100 m in width. The absolute height of the lake is 49.1 m, length 1.4 km, surface area 10.4 ha, deepest point 10 m (the deepest point is in the middle of the lake). The relief around the lake is rolling, dominated by fields. The shores are high and steep, swampy from the ends of the lake; large boulders can be found. The shoreline is mostly lined by a quaggy strip, but the floor is hard and sandy near the shore, at places covered with decay and mud, which are more prominent in the middle of the lake. Water flow is weak. The water of the lake is ruddy-brown to brown, transparency is low (0.4-0.7 m). In 1964, the flora was poor in species (11 species found) and small. Phytoplankton, also poor in species and small, includes many types of migrating alga that are quite rare in this region. There is also not much zooplankton, but many extremely rare water fleas are represented.

The dominant fish is perch, but pike can also be found. Viroste is a picturesque lake that can be used for swimming and fishing. The local people say that the lake was rich in crabs at the end of the 19th century.