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Tsirksi Village

Tsirksi Village, also Zirksi, is located in Põlva County, in Räpina Rural Municipality. Tsirksi Village covers an area of 3.35 km2 (1.26 % of the total area of Räpina Rural Municipality). According to the rural municipality register there are 12 people living in Tsirksi Village (as of 1 August 2012). Six households are in use all year round (as of 2006). In terms of both surface area and population, Tsirksi Village is the smallest village in Räpina Rural Municipality. Before 1940, Tsirksi Village belonged to Veriora Rural Municipality. During the administrative reform and the creation of state farms, Tsirksi Village was added to the Ruusa state farm.

Tsirksi Village is on the border of Räpina Rural Municipality, but near the central settlement of Veriora Rural Municipality. The road leading through the village goes to Pahtpää or Veriora. In the 1990s, it was also possible to reach Tsirksi through a village road from Kassilaane Village; but now the road has become overgrown and is impassable by passenger car.

During the operation of the state farm, all fields of the farms were used as agricultural lands. Today, some of the fields have become overgrown. Land still used for agricultural purposes has been rented by farmers form the neighbouring municipality. The nearest school is in Viluste, and shop in Veriora.