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Sülgoja Village

Sülgoja Village, also known as Sülgäjä or Sülgaja, is located in Põlva County, in Räpina Rural Municipality. Sülgoja Village covers an area of 10.34 km2 (3.89 % of the total area of Räpina Rural Municipality). According to the rural municipality register there are 42 people living in Sülgoja Village (as of 1 August 2012). Twenty-one households are in use all year round (as of 2006).

Until 1939, Sülgoja Village was part of Kahkva Rural Municipality. When the municipality was eliminated, Sülgoja, Kuuksi, Kürsa and Parma villages were added to the composition of Räpina Rural Municipality. In the 1970s, small villages were eliminated and the above villages – Kuuksi, Kürsa, and Parma – are still, administratively, part of Sülgoja Village. Yet, the people still continue to use the former village names.

In the last quarter of the 19th century, factory-made threshing machines – started-up using horse power – were taken into use by farms. A set of masters immediately cropped up, who were able to prepare the complicated machine in their own smithies; however, the work was distributed in such a manner that one would perform the smith works and the mechanical works, while another prepared the wooden parts, with the blacksmith seeing to the assembly of the machine himself. One man who prepared threshing machines was Jaan Ritsing, resident of Sülgoja Village.

People in Sülgoja Village are still active in agriculture. The pigsty built during the times of the Räpina state farm technical school is still used as a cattle breeding building.

There are graves in Sülgoja Village dating from the times of the Great Northern War, located on the farmland of Saare-Kusta (former Kuuksi Village) and Kissa (former Parma Village) farms. These graves have been entered in the national register of cultural monuments.

Sülgoja Village is the birth place of Richard Ritsing. This is where the future composer spent his childhood. For decades Richard Ritsing was a conductor and music teacher in Tartu. He has been the main organiser of the Estonian Song Festival and many song days.