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Kassilaane Village

Kassilaane Village, also known as Kassilaanõ aka Rõsna-Kassilaane, is located in Põlva County, in Räpina Rural Municipality. Kassilaane Village covers an area of 10.06 km2 (3.78 % of the total area of Räpina Rural Municipality). Along the south-east the village is bordered by the Võru-Räpina Highway. According to the Rural Municipality register there are 78 people living in the village (as of 1 August 2012). Twenty households are in use all year round (as of 2006). Kassilaane Village once provided education, but the primary school was closed in 1983.
At the centre of Kassilaane Village is the Konsa bog (also known as Konsa swamp). The flood plain of the Pähtpää River serves as a habitat for protected plants of the III protection category, such as Marsh Helleborine and the Early Marsh Orchid.