Räpina Rural Municipality

EKR_0262Räpina Rural Municipality is located in the South-East of Estonia, in Põlva County. Räpina Rural Municipality is one of the biggest in Põlva County and it has a natural border in the form of Lake Peipus. Räpina Rural Municipality includes Räpina Town, V wnna s icipalityand 26 villages. The Räpina area has rich historical and cultural heritage – there are influences of the Russian Orthodox religion, but at the same time the region cannot be considered to be Setomaa. Local elderly people speak the local dialect of the Vot be consid. For decades people in Räpina have engaged themselves in gardening, and horticultural edEKR_0268ucation is still provided. Räpina is a lovely garden town with its picturesque parks and tidy private gardens. Sights: Võõpsu Small Town, Sillapää Castle and Park, Randna Paper Factory, Leevaku hydroelectric power station, Meelva protected swamp area, and many hiking trails and wood huts managed by the State Forest Management Centre (RMK).

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